Shakshuka is not a dish that’s easy to come by in Vancouver. Until recently, that is.

When Shuk opened its doors on Oak and 41st in early December, this favorite Israeli breakfast item made it to the menu, among a host of other Mediterranean foods, including house-made hummus, Moroccan fish, falafel, borekas, labneh and hatzilim.  Shuk’s owner is the multi-talented Alon Volodarsky, 35, an Israeli from Haifa who moved to Vancouver eight years ago.  Soon after he arrived here, he tasted the food of chef Evy Swissa, who worked at Café 41, and quickly recognized his expertise.

Volodarsky also noticed a lack of establishments where parents could shmooze, enjoy good food and know that their kids were playing safely within eye- and earshot. So, when the opportunity arose to take over Café 41, he jumped at it. He completely remodeled the restaurant and added a space for kids, with climbing structures in the large dining room to keep the 2- to 6-year-old crowd entertained. Sparing no expense, he transformed Shuk into a more sophisticated space, adding a state-of-the-art coffee machine, excellent lighting, a beautiful color scheme and quartz countertops.

Dairy products are all chalav Yisrael and many of the ingredients he uses come from Israel, including Israeli rosewater, tehina, za’atar, Moroccan spices and Turkish coffee by Elite. The kitchen is under Chabad supervision.


Shakshuka (our signature dish), is served on a skillet and is presented on a wooden board accompanied by French fries in a neat stainless steel basket. The pita that we serve is Israeli-style sourced directly from Toronto.  Our Hummus is authentic and is made fresh every day in large quantities to ensure we don’t run out.

Dishes such as Borekas (served on a plate with a boiled egg, tahini and pickled cucumbers), a falafel plate (7 balls with a side of hummus, fries, Israeli salad and pita), Hatzilim (served on top of tahini with tomato salsa and pita), and Za’atar Focaccia provide a delicious and unique Israeli gastronomical experience.

We serve daily specials, so keep an eye on our social media feeds to see what we are serving every day. Some of our specials are Persian fish balls with couscous, spinach and carrots or flatbread with caramelized onion, goat cheese and pesto.

Oh yes, and don’t miss out on our fantastic desserts. We always have a great selection of delicacies including tahini ice cream, chocolate-banana mousse cups and butter popcorn mousse.